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Our Approach

Subha Tech will use well-defined time proven Facilities Management methodology for delivery of Management Services


This is the first step in effective delivery of the managed services. Under this step, a detailed study of the existing environment and processes, user’s expectations of the service levels and scope of work is conducted and the Service Level Agreements (SLA) is frozen. Though the scope & SLA is clearly defined in the RFP, it has to be mutually discussed and frozen at the time of order signing. Subha Tech project manager and OL Dte Project manager shall jointly finalize the scope of work various services and arrive at Service Level Agreements for each services.

Desingn, Development And Implimentation Methodology

The planning activity is followed by designing the service management processes e.g. problem management, change management, server administration, asset management etc. The team size and organization is finalized in view of the SLA’s and service management processes followed by deployment strategy. Additionally any other infrastructure requirements are also identified at this stage.

Deployment Plan

The necessary infrastructure and human resources for effective delivery of managed services is deployed under this phase. . This would be an activity to be done at multiple, locations simultaneously. Based on our past experience, this is a phase of immense challenges as many soft-issues are raised by the parties. The Project Managers designated to carry out this task are adept at defusing such sensitive situations such that the working relationship continues to be maintained at all levels. On the rare occasions of escalation that demands a serious action, the step is always such that the interest of the customer is kept foremost.


This is the most important step. The actual delivery of the services is covered under this step. The services shall be delivered in accordance with Service Levels agreed. This is the longest phase of the support process as Subha Tech now have responsibility for delivering service against the SLA. At this point, all processes for support are implemented and adopted by the team. Service performance evaluation is established and monitored as stated in the SLA. The SLR document is issued and the Service Manager monitors the service delivery to be compliant to the SQP procedures and rules.

SubhaTech Service Manager is responsible for regularly meeting with the Client management and reporting performance against the SLA. Also, on an interim basis the SLA will be evaluated on its capability in meeting the changing needs of the business.


Once the services are being delivered as per SLA, the next step will be to exceed SLA requirements.

In real life situation, about 20-30% calls are repeated due to following reasons resulting in higher downtime, bad service quality, poor scalability, dissatisfied users and higher cost of operations for customer as well as service provider

      Product quality
      Spares/Service quality
      Inexperienced user
      Technically Incompetent engineer
      Enterprise-wide problems due to improper change management
      Lack of tools

Subha Tech shall focus on following as an ongoing exercise during the services delivery

      Reduction of calls by reducing repeat problems, pro-active handling of common problems.
       Improving the Productivity of engineers by continuously training the engineers. Each engineer shall undergo regular training courses on advanced technology and hence enabling them to do right at the first time.
       Educating the users - by sharing and publishing the common problems faced by users.
       Use of Technology - by equipping the engineers with necessary tools and technology. Also       the old equipment will be identified, which generate repeat problems need to be replaced with new equipment.
       Review methodology- by continuously reviewing the performance of engineers, call pattern for identification of repeat incidents, common problems, and working out strategy for minimizing the same


Subsequently, the next biggest challenge for any service provider is to maintain the service quality throughout the engagement period. This can be achieved by carefully planning the service deliveries. Also, a bit of advanced planning will be to Service Providers advantage


Establishing and following proper review process with internal as well as external customers is very crucial to effective delivery of services. Periodic review helps you to identify the potential risks and weak links in the delivery process. Subha Tech shall implement a mutually agreed reviewing process with the designated Officers

Partnering with SubhaTech for solutions offers you manifold advantages

We have the expertise to offer end-to-end solutions, covering planning, implementation, operations and support stages giving you the option of choosing us as a one-stop source for your solution needs. You also have the option of utilizing us for delivering some part of the solution.

Our subsidiaries in several international markets provide you a local contact for coordinating the delivery of our services and depending on the specific project requirements; we provide the option of onsite, offsite or offshore delivery. Irrespective of the mode of delivery, we follow defined methodologies for delivery in order to be consistent in our delivery. We are committed to quality and we continuously modify our methodologies, in tune with changes in technology. Wherever appropriate, we selectively adopt customer methodologies.

We have a large pool of consultants with skills in multiple technologies, allowing us to deploy the right blend of consultants for specific projects. As we execute multiple projects simultaneously, we deploy only the required number of consultants at any project stage, reducing the cost of service delivery.

With a legacy of over decade in service delivery, we have exposure to both current and legacy platforms. Our service delivery thus helps our customers to optimize their returns from their IT investments.

We are recognized as a leading player in the Indian market and this helps us to attract quality manpower. Through continuous educational programs, we keep our consultants conversant with current technology and we minimize attrition through our innovative retention policies.

Based on our delivery track record, several of our customers have involved us in repeat projects.



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