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Risk Management

Quality Policy

Problem Management

Project Managment at SubhaTech

Project Managment at SubhaTech is composed of following different types of activities :

System Study (Existing System)
Analysis & design of objectives and events
Planning the work according to the objectives
Assessing and controlling risk (or Risk Management)
Estimating resources
Allocation of resources
Organizing the work
Acquiring human and material resources
Assigning tasks
Directing activities
Controlling project execution
Tracking and reporting progress (Management information system)
Analyzing the results based on the facts achieved
Defining the products of the project
Forecasting future trends in the project
Quality Management
Issues management
Issue solving
Defect prevention
Identifying, managing & controlling changes
Project closure (and project debrief)
Communicating to stakeholders
Increasing/ decreasing a company's workers

System Study

This is the first step in effective delivery of the managed services. Under this step, a detailed study of the existing environment and processes, user’s expectations of the service levels and scope of work is conducted and the Service Level Agreements (SLA) is frozen. Though the scope & SLA is clearly defined in the RFP, it has to be mutually discussed and frozen at the time of order signing. Subha Tech project manager and OL Dte Project manager shall jointly finalize the scope of work various services and arrive at Service Level Agreements for each services.

Design, Development And Implimentation Methodology

The System Study is followed by designing the service management processes e.g. problem management, change management, server administration, asset management etc. The team size and organization is finalized in view of the SLA’s and service management processes followed by deployment strategy. Additionally any other infrastructure requirements are also identified at this stage.

Deployment Plan

The necessary infrastructure and human resources for effective delivery of managed services is deployed under this phase. . This would be an activity to be done at multiple, locations simultaneously. Based on our past experience, this is a phase of immense challenges as many soft-issues are raised by the parties. The Project Managers designated to carry out this task are adept at defusing such sensitive situations such that the working relationship continues to be maintained at all levels. On the rare occasions of escalation that demands a serious action, the step is always such that the interest of the customer is kept foremost.

Availability Managment Process And Riusk Managment

To predict, plan for and manage the availability of services by ensuring that:
  All services are underpinned by sufficient, reliable and properly maintained configuration items
  Where configuration items are not supported internally there are appropriate contractual arrangements with third      party suppliers
  Changes are proposed to prevent future loss of service Risk analysis would be conducted for arriving the suitable suggestions to ensure the availability of the resources and services to the business. Availability management is done through the risk assessment and risk management. Figure below shows the risk analysis procedure in the availability management process.

Quality Policy

"We deliver defect-free products, services and solutions to meet the requirements of our external and internal customers, the first time, every time"

Problem Managment

To handle the day-to-day problems, Problem management is achieved through problem control and error control. Basic goals of the Problem Management Process are,
  Problem Control
   Getting the root cause of the problem
   Error Control
  Correcting problems, Management Information related to problems, and known errors.
  Minimize the adverse impact of incidents and problems on the business that are caused by errors with in the IT infrastructure
  Prevent recurrence of incidents related to errors
  Improve productive use of resources

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