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Projects In Defence Sector

  • Installation of over 150 PCs with networking and installation of HP Net server on Windows NT platform at
    BroadCast Equipment India Ltd.
  • Installation and commissioning of IBM RISC server with installation of over 60 nodes at Indian Airlines Ltd.
  • Work performed for the Election Commission U.P for the Voter ID card through networked computers at different locations.
  • Installation of over 80 computers with connectivity through 40 VT Terminals and IBM RISC 600 server, installation and commissioning of computers and distribution of Mails through mail server at different users.
  • Installation and commissioning of over 1500 computers and 1000 printers at different BPO location
  • Annual Maintenance Contract of over thousands of computers at different corporate locations.
  • Annual Maintenance contract for HP/ IBM/ Dell Servers and Nodes at 8 different location comprising of 18m high end servers.
  • Development of website with proper information for Indian Army
  • (dreamersclub)
  • Customized Software Development for Indian Army to maintain the records of Trials conducted by them.
  • Linux Network based Data-Base Management Software for Indian Army.
  • Inventory & Accounts Management Software for Usha Shri Ram Hotels.
  • Automation of Army new building and providing the Barcode and smartcard implementation.
  • Done implementation of Smartcard at MO for Single sign On Manager for complete Network.

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